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Miller blends well-crafted songs with important science topics including symbiosis, metamorphosis, and the balance of nature. Miller's strength, and secret, is that he does not sing to the children about science concepts, but unveils his topics and themes through stories - real life and reality mixed with the right dose of humor.

"Thanks for making such great music for kids that has such a wonderful wildlife message, AND that is easy for parents to listen to as well!!! I can't tell you how much I can't stand most kids music, but both my husband and I love yours!

"I am working so hard to teach my kids, especially the 6 year old, that his actions have direct results and reactions in the universe (and the environment), and your music goes such a long way to making my point. It's a gift...What a service and a difference you are making in the lives of our young people. I am so glad you are able to do this and have made it your mission. Keep up the great work.

And anyone who can rhyme "symbiosis" with anything, but especially "cinnamon toasties" gets my vote for most cool dude.

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Click on the song titles below to sample Lucas' most popular tunes.  You can hear three more "live on page" performances in the "concert hall!"

  1. The Chimichanga Song  

  2. Goin' Down To Mexico (the Monarch Butterfly Song)

  3. I'm a Mako Shark (video coming soon)

  4. Metamorphosis (Tadpole into a Frog)

  5. The Anaconda La Bamba (video coming semi-soon)

  6. Bluebonnet Time

  7. Send Them Back Home to Brazil (the Fire Ant Song)

  8. How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?

    • Unreleased!

  9. Living in a Wetland (video coming in early 2015)

  10. We Can Bring Them Back (The Bald Eagle Song)

A Couple More Just for fun:






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