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Based in Austin, Texas, BioRhythms Publishing creates learning resources that help connect children with nature. 

"Lucas Miller combines science awareness with a message of hope and restoration along with outrageous humor.  Guaranteed to entertain and inspire!"  

    "Lucas Miller is an irresistible teacher. His very real musical lessons about the animal kingdom score high marks for their clever mix of playful comedy and ear-pleasing, deft melodies."  

Your source for AUTOGRAPHED books, CDs and other stuff from Lucas Miller, the singing zoologist!


Hardcover books:

Fifi the Ferocious Book Cover: Going Down to Mexico Bluebonnet Time cover Dr DNA and the Anaconda Invasion
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I Love Earth cover Gotta Take Care of the Hive There's a Chicken On My Head Anaconda La Bamba
Lucas' greatest hits!
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